How Voice will Change the Future of Business [VIDEO]

By Justin |  Mar 4, 2019 (3 min read)

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If you’re looking for new trends in digital marketing and SEO, then look no further than voice and audio assistants.

Here are some recent stats to consider. Did you know that:

1 in 6 Americans own a smart speaker or use an AI assistant via their phone
500 Million people around the world use Siri on their phone (which is a higher number than the entire US population)
Over 20% of all searches on Google are done by voice

– Sales from Amazon’s Alexa device tripled last year over the holiday sales period

Pretty crazy huh? It’s pretty clear that voice technology is slowly taking over the way we use our phones and devices in the home.

What does this mean for business? It means that we need to be prepared with the best possible tactics to thrive in a voice-oriented world.

1) Natural Conversation Voice

People will speak in a different way than they type, so make sure you are using more of this natural voice in everything you write. Why? Because the search engines are then able to source the information that matches the natural voice for those questions.

2) Write to Answer Customers Questions

Most of us go searching on the internet to answer questions that we have. By being the business who answers the questions your customer have, you can grab a lot of attention online. Questions that are answered well can grab the coveted Answer Box space at the top of Google and tend to be shared via Alexa, Siri and Google more often. This leads to more traffic and more sales for those businesses.

3) Write your Content for Location

If you are looking for a product or service you are definitely going to want to know where you can find it. This is why it’s important to add a location to all the content that you share on your site. Any business with a brick and mortar location will find this especially valuable, as Siri and Google assistants can guide you to a business via the map services that are built into phones.

Think of all the searches that relate to the location, including city, county, and state. Add them into your content wherever you are able to, and this will greatly improve the SEO value when it comes to voice search.

In conclusion, remember that the world is becoming voice activated and more enmeshed with AI assistants. So having your business SEO setup to help people find and use your services is a great tactic to help grow.

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