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3 Tips to Define Your Brand Voice [VIDEO]

You may not realize it, but each brand has a particular ‘voice’ that is a part of their brand. All your customers think of you in a certain way based on your brand, so it is important that you define it correctly. To help your business to define a brand voice, here are three tips that our digital marketing clients have used successfully,

1) Create your Word Cloud

Gather a list of words that relate to your customer. Words like funny, or youthful or professional. You can start listing words that you aspire to be, such as inclusive or authentic. Start with a large list and try to narrow it down to five or ten that really define your brand voice. Think of words that have a granular or visceral feeling. Words that make sense to people in everyday life are often the best to use to describe your brand.

2) Show, Don’t Tell

Don’t just tell your audience that these words represent you, show them. If you want to be friendly and relatable, then write friendly and relatable social media posts. That way your audience can really connect with you.

3) Be Consistent

Make sure your entire team knows and understands the standards of your brand voice. That way they will be able to communicate that voice through every channel of communication. The last thing you want to do is be professional and direct on one platform, but friendly and casual on another. Make sure that your customer isn’t disoriented, and that they see a seamless thread of your brand voice everywhere you are.

We hope these tips are helpful as a start and remember that defining a brand voice takes time and several iterations. Keep working to make it clearer and more consistent, and your customers will start to connect to it.

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