Tried and True E-mail Communication is Here to Stay

By Megan |  May 28, 2015 (5 min read)


With many prolific ways of communicating with customers via chat systems, advertisements, pop up ads, social media, none is more useful nor more dependable than a good old-fashioned email marketing strategy.


Here, we show you the staggering stats on why Email is here to stay, and how you should leverage it for your business.

The email ecosphere has been infused with $364.5 million in funding in the last 5 quarters.

TechCrunch notes that analytics, infrastructure, advertising and more are all funneled easily and enticingly enough for consumers, to continue to be the #1 method of communication.

The worlds largest media channels still use email

Mobile Apps and Social Media websites are second in the running when it comes to point-to-point communication with customers. But even Facebook, the number one most popular app in 2014 according to Business Insider, utilizes email to keep their loyal fans coming back. LinkedIn, a more business oriented-approach, also heavily relies on emails to keep users updated and coming back.

Email’s ROI is estimated at $45 for every $1 of Investment.

Companies are investing in marketing clouds with digital messaging technology that is both aesthetically pleasing to the customer and has a higher click rate for increased conversion. Email Expert estimates the profits to be at $45 for each buck invested. With reliable services that deliver easy to use email templates and customizable options, both big companies and DIY startups are leveraging this potent strategy.

Communicate with your customers effectively, and your entire business expands. Great customer service, analytics, follow-up information, data gathering – all of the foundations of a marketing strategy can be tied to email. Want to see what a branded email campaign can look like? Brandastic has over 15 years in the industry, serving Orange County Marketing solutions to a variety of industries and fields. Sign up for our TECHTalks newsletters at the bottom of our homepage.

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