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By Justin |  Dec 5, 2013 (3 min read)

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As you may know, Facebook recently released its earnings for the quarter, making those investors in the IPO very happy. Another statistic that was released is that there are 25 million small businesses with Facebook pages – and only 1 million advertisers. There are only 4% of companies using Facebook to advertise! (mashable.com). The door is wide open as a platform for Orange County marketing efforts for businesses looking to increase their online traffic. Here are some insider tips for jumping on your Facebook ad strategy.

Friends with Facebook Ads

Facebook ads have previously been problematic and difficult to get started. Recently, Facebook overhauled their system with Power Editor. While this system is manual and detailed, it is actually far easier than previous options.

Care for Your Custom Audience

If you have been keeping an email list or phone list of customers that have purchased from you, you can log in to the “Create Audience” feature in Power Editor in Facebook and upload the list. Facebook will find those customers and then you can send targeted advertising to those groups.

Maximize Mobile

Click through rates are highest in Facebook for those ads going through the Newsfeed. And success rates are higher with those ads going through mobile feeds. Sidebar ads aren’t showing much success. So you can use Power Editor in Facebook and click on Placements and then select Mobile.

Total Targeting

You can target your Facebook ads by geographic location, age, gender, interests, and connections. This is important – don’t waste time and money sending ads to people who are not likely to be your customer.

Ad Savvy

There are three different types of Facebook ads: redirects to your website (Website Pages Link), Sponsored Stories (targeting the friends of your existing fans), and Page Posts Promotion – which allows you to promote your own content and status updates. It is important to determine which ad strategy to pursue and the benefits and uses of each type.

Get ahead of the curve and jump on the Facebook ad bandwagon with your Orange County marketing. Start reaping the results!

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