Orange County Marketing Tips via Google India

googleindiaRecently, an ad promoting Google India went viral. The ad shows the use of Google to reunite two long-lost friends. What about this ad has helped it rise above? The elements that made this video so popular can provide guidance for your Orange County marketing efforts.

Whether it be videos on Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, or Vine, describing use cases, or posting user stories – featuring how actual customers use your product is a powerful marketing tool.


 Customer Empathic Experience

Think about the attitudes, feelings, and thoughts that you want associated with your product. Words that come to mind for this advertisement are: convenient, quick, easy. Feelings – excitement, happiness, fulfillment. Think strategically about what experience you want aligned with your product and design your marketing materials accordingly. Fresh and fun? Sophisticated? Tough? These elements can define your message, color scheme, website layout, and social media identity. What are fundamental human needs that you can address with your product? This ad shows how connection can be achieved.


Shareable Content

This advertisement would not have been as successful if it had not been in a shareable format. A social media presence along with producing shareable content could be incredibly valuable endeavors for your Orange County Business. YouTube channels, Pinterest boards, Facebook pages, Twitter feeds – these are all outlets for increasing your marketing reach. Successful Facebook pages are those that post articles, videos, pictures, and have a call to action included (i.e. ‘Share’ or ‘Comment Below’).


Know Your Customer Demographic

Interestingly enough, this advertisement shows a younger character utilizing an Internet search, not an older individual. According to Pew Internet, 98% of people under the age of 29 use the internet, in contrast to only 56% of people over the age of 65. Pinterest is used more by women, Google+ more by men, Instagram by a youthful crowd, and LinkedIn by business professionals. Knowing your audience allows you to tailor your marketing and target your demographic through social media.


Taking these elements and applying them to your Orange County marketing could lead to great results – much like the use of Google in this advertisement. View the ad here. wants to help you find what you are looking for – a successful Orange County marketing campaign and top notch website. Brandastic is a Southern California based company focused on relationship, excellence, and service. When you are ready to be noticed, to really stand out, contact Brandastic.

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