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By Stacy |  Apr 18, 2012 (5 min read)

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In 2012, Facebook acquired Instagram – the photo-sharing smartphone app downloaded by over 30 million people – for a whopping $1 billion. Now In 2019, it is now estimated that Instagram is worth over a monumental $100 billion.  In the past 7 years, the merging of the two social media giants has brought about changes in Orange County marketing and branding like never before. 

Instagram allows users to capture quick photos of anything they wish to share – what they ate for lunch, their current location – apply a photo filter, and upload the photo with captions to the network. These can also be shared via social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter that link back to the Instagram platform. One of the appealing aspects of Instagram is that it fosters a simple environment where everyone is free to create personalized content and share it with whomever they wish.

Since the acquisition in 2012, Instagram has implemented many updates and new features to maintain its role as the supreme leader in social media. These features include IGTV, video publishing, sharing posts to multiple accounts, and a myriad of others.

Instagram is open for business

Companies have been creating Instagram accounts to reach their consumers in a variety of ways, and there is no doubt that many more companies with delve into Instagram since Facebook acquired the application. Businesses are able to market their brand to the consumer on a more personal level by uploading pictures that take the consumer behind the corporate veil.

Similarly, Facebook recently developed the Timeline for brands, allowing companies around the world and in Orange County to showcase their services and products on a personal level with the consumer. This interface lets companies layout their history and achievements in a timeline format and also facilitates private messaging with consumers. This undoubtedly provides the consumer with a deeper insight into the company and direct communication with a representative in a social media setting.

These exciting changes in the social media world will unquestionably affect the marketing strategies of local businesses.

Orange County web development and website design personnel can link their company websites to their Facebook Timeline and Instagram accounts, allowing consumers to get up close and personal with their favorite businesses.

Being able to dominate the social media space in 2019 is a daunting task in itself. Learning the right strategies can help boost the brand and propel companies in the right direction.

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