Instagram Video – More Glam For Your Cam

By Ben |  Jul 3, 2013 (5 min read)


As of June 2013, Instagram is no longer simply picture perfect- because now it’s vamped with videos, too! With their latest additional feature, Instagram now allows you to shoot videos anywhere from 3-15 seconds long.

Here are a few reasons why Instagram Video is trendy and user-friendly for your Orange County Marketing.

1) Filters

Instagram is notorious for its various filters that make any picture pop out with unique color and beauty. Now, there is a whole new set of 13 specially made filters just for Instagram videos! You can acquire any effect that you want with this variety to choose from. Whether you crave black and white or a soft and edgy glow, you can start taking advantage of this whole new cast of colors and effects!

2) Cover Photos

Before people actually watch your video, they will see a cover photo that represents it in their feed. Instagram has made their video feature even more dynamic by allowing you to choose a particular frame from your recording to represent the video. This can draw more attention to the video even before people see it because you can make it look more aesthetically appealing. In turn, this can definitely increase the number of views for your recordings.

3) Editing

Creating a video through Instagram is easy. All you need to do is hold down the record button with your finger and lift it when you want to stop. You can do this as many times as you want for up to 15 seconds. But say you just recorded something and messed up. No problem! By clicking on the “x” icon to the left of the record button, you can delete your last frame, and then the one before that, and so on and so forth. If you’re not satisfied with the entire video after watching it, start all over and try again!

4) Cinema Stabilization

When capturing videos it can be very difficult to hold your phone steady in your palms. Instagram is already two steps ahead of you with this next perk. The new Cinema Stabilization tool is here to help solve your trembling dilemmas. Once you have finished recording and make your way to the filter page, a square icon with a circle in the middle will appear under your video. If you tap it, it will turn the Cinema feature on and will help to stabilize your video by making it look less shaky and wobbly for your viewers. This is an excellent way to improve your video quality with the simple touch of a button!

The new Instagram Video feature is a great way to create clever videos for your business in little to almost no time. Be creative and get followers to respond with their own unique videos, hashtags, and replies! The possibilities are endless!

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