Is a Video Marketing Strategy Right for You?

By Erin |  Mar 13, 2015 (5 min read)


Does your company have something to say or a service to provide? If the answer is yes, then video marketing is right for you! It’s that simple. Connecting with your audience and building loyalty to a brand or service is at the heart of a company, and ultimately works for the bottom line. As today’s attention span is getting shorter and the marketing pool is getting larger, dynamic ways to hold a user’s attention are in high demand. Nothing is as fluid, quick, and impressionable as video marketing, and here’s why.

Driven to the Heart of the Matter

For a video to be effective, it needs to be entertaining, short, and most importantly, distill your mission, vision, or goal as simply as possible. For companies with scattered direction, it allows one to hone in one what’s really important, and communicate that in a few short words. For companies with a long history, its beneficial to bring that history into the new age, and refresh the site with a new look as you look back. See our newest video below, as Justin walks us through the Brandastic Process.


The Interview


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