Make a Powerful First Impression

While first impressions are not everything, they do serve as the basis for many important decisions. According to career experts, “ it takes just three seconds for someone to determine whether they like you and want to do business with you. ” Creating a strong platform for any brand begins with you.

Here are 4 essential tips to making a powerful first impression.

Be Well Dressed

Being well dressed in any industry, gives the impression of success. Choose clothing that is well tailored and professional. Darker colors have been known to create stronger impressions. Whether you are going to a meeting or lunch with an associate, having a more put together look will positively impact the brand you are conveying to others.

Make Eye Contact

According to a study lead by Loyola Marymount University Professor, Nora A. Murphy maintaining eye contact while speaking to others enhances the perception of intelligence. By holding your associate’s gaze, you intuitively create a knowledgeable persona and ensure the credibility of your brand.

Speak Expressively

Speaking expressively is often a tendency of extroversion. Using gestures to accompany your speech can establish a more relatable connection with others. While being extroverted does not necessarily equate to success, it portrays confidence in your brand.


Smiling can create positive emotions instantaneously. Portraying yourself in a cheerful manner can help create a warm and more inviting attitude to whomever you are speaking with.

At Brandastic, we service all the design and marketing needs of our clients, equipping each with the necessary tools for creating an established brand. Learn more about Brand Care services and make a lasting impression with your brand today.



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