3 Reasons Why SEO isn’t Dead [VIDEO]

By Tri |  Feb 25, 2019 (3 min read)

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You may have seen this question floating around online in different forms:

“Is SEO a dying strategy?’
‘Is SEO a waste of time?’
‘Is it still worth investing in SEO?’

Well, fear not, if your business has invested in SEO, you can rest assured it is not dead, or something that is going away anytime soon.

Here are three reasons why we believe SEO is alive and working well.

1) Google is not the internet

The first iteration of Google was a simple search match. This idea grew into the platform that we have today that powers a huge part of the internet. But of course, just as Google started small, so too can other businesses that could take their place. So you can rest assured that even if for some reason the entire Google business failed, you will find somebody else stepping up into that space.

2) There is too much data

Think about the massive volume of information that is uploaded daily to the internet. Every day there are more blog articles, videos, news articles, and social media posts. Even if one platform falls apart, the information will not disappear, and there will always be a need to sort it and serve it up to customers.

3) People will always ask questions

The way people ask questions may change, but the behavior is not going to go away. People will always need answers and new information to help live their lives. And SEO is the way that search engines are best able to get that information to them.

In conclusion, remember that Google is not the source of answers, they simply provide the answers by sorting the information. The true source of answers is driven by SEO. This is why we believe that investing in SEO is still a great strategy.

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