Are Online Business Reviews by Customers Important?

By Stacy |  Feb 9, 2017 (5 min read)


Building trust amongst your customers online today requires more than a very good salesperson. In today’s online market, a truly successful business will know how to let the consumer market their brand.

How will they do so? The answer is simple, online reviews. According to Entrepreneur:

“72% say that positive reviews make them trust a business more.”

Legitimizing your product or services begins with getting your customers to leave a review. However, even if your customer has had a positive experience with your product or service, does not necessarily mean they will write a review on it. That is why; with these tips learn the most effective ways to create a seamless process for guiding your customers towards writing a positive review.

Show Your Customers How to Give a Review

Sometimes getting a customer to write a review requires proper guidance. Rather than telling them to write a review, show them how to do so. By reminding a customer how simple it is to leave a positive review through a list of steps for leaving their feedback, you are heightening your chances for your customer’s to take that extra time to share their experience.

Invest in ALL Feedback, Good or Bad

A review does not always have to be positive to be beneficial to your company. All feedback is important in the growth of your business because you are receiving direct input from the audience that you are marketing to. Utilize the negative feedback to gain a better insight into how you can improve your business needs.

Respond to Reviews Publicly

Showing your customer’s that you are listening to their needs will only help build the relationship. If a customer leaves a review, it is important to respond to it publicly. When a review is positive, make sure to thank the customer for taking the time to share their experience. Now if you see a negative review, take the time to apologize and work with the customer on how they can improve their experience next time. This way, even if they did not have a positive experience, they will be more likely to engage in your company again.


Building credibility in your brand does not need to require a lot of work. At Brandastic, we know that quality products and services will speak for themselves, but having a customer leave a review won’t hurt either. As an Orange County web design and marketing agency, we specialize in the latest marketing strategies as well as optimizing your online business needs. To see how we can ignite your potential view our services or speak with a marketing specialist at 888.339.5275 today!

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