How To Use Messenger Apps To Grow Your Business [VIDEO]

By Melissa |  Oct 25, 2019 (3 min read)

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If you take a look at your phone right now, you likely have several messenger apps installed. The most common are Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, to name a few.

Every day around the world, people are using messenger apps more and more. Recent studies show that, on average, people send 94 text messages per day. This adds up to 26 Billion messages in the US alone that are sent every day.

What does this mean for business? It represents a huge opportunity to incorporate messenger technology into your marketing.

During the past few years, we have all become much more comfortable receiving messages on our phones from businesses. The most common types of text messages from businesses are notifications or reminders for appointments and deliveries. 

Texting Is Overtaking Email in Business

In 2019, email open rates are down to 6% for most businesses, whereas open rates for messenger services can be as high as 80%.

Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram Threads are all owned by Facebook. This shows that Facebook is invested heavily in messenger technology to help companies grow their reach.

As a business owner, you can use this growing trend of business text messaging to promote your company and build relationships with your customers.

Here are three ways that you can capitalize on messenger apps.

1) Create a Chatbox for Your Website

You’ve probably visited one of those websites where you see a chat box at the bottom of the screen. You might not realize it, but these simple tools can drive a lot of customer engagement. 

If your business typically fields a lot of questions from customers before they buy, a website chatbox can be a great way to connect in real-time and begin the build trust quickly.

2) Offer Text Message Reminders

For any business that sells via ecommerce, using text reminders can be an excellent way to keep customers in the loop while they wait for delivery. If your company offers services, then text message reminders can also help to reduce cancellations and manage appointment schedules easier.

If you ask most people to opt-in to text reminders, they will say yes. They are eager to get information about their products and services and want to hear from you.

3) Invest in a Chatbot

Facebook Messenger now allows companies to create their own chatbots. These are small messenger programs that run automated messages to people who message through Facebook messenger.

While a chatbot can’t replace human connection, you can use to do things such as share resources, answer simple questions, and book appointments. This shows that you have excellent customer service and helps the person get what they need quickly.

Remember that people still see their text messaging as a personal space. Text messaging is usually reserved for friends and family, so don’t begin spamming your customers with messages that try to get them to buy. Use messenger apps as a customer service tool, and they will trust you more.

The focus of messenger apps should always be to create a connection with your customers and to offer convenience. Over the long term, this approach will create a relationship and will grow your business.

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