Powerful Link Building for SEO

In the world of SEO, there can be so many new strategies that it can be easy to get lost. While some specialists swear by new school teachings, others claim traditional SEO tactics are the only way. It’s hard to really say whether one method of SEO is truly effective. However, the most important SEO goal for any online website is all about generating page traffic and drawing users to your website.

According to Entreprenuer “backlinks are still the no. 1 most important ranking signal that Google uses.”

So starting with the fundamentals, Google is always a great base indicator for determining how to begin your SEO strategy. Understanding the mind game of Google begins with the bigger question of “what will draw in Google Rankings.” Through extensive research, links are still highly valued by Google. With these key tools, know just what it takes to increase your own search rankings.

Find link worthy content which ranks high on Google.

Creating backlinks is always a sure fire way to increase your Google Rankings. However the trick is that you need to be able to link to many different domains. Linking to domains that already have higher rankings on Google will only help build your own search ranking.

Find a keyword in your own industry that has generated high volume links.

 Taking keywords from your content that will be in the top 5 search results for Google will help bring relevant page traffic to your site as people are already searching for your chosen keyword.

As an Orange County marketing and design agency, Brandastic always strives to provide the most current strategies for a successful marketing campaign. Learn more about our Brand Care services today and let us help you Ignite your Potential®.

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