QR Codes – 5 Tips for Effective Integration with Your Orange County Website

By Melissa |  Apr 26, 2012 (5 min read)


QR codes have been in existence since the early ’90s, but the advent of smartphones has made them a popular strategy for businesses. A QR code is basically a barcode that can be scanned by a smartphone camera, which often takes the viewer to a company’s website or some other site of information. Having a mobile-friendly website is truly the first order of business when it comes to successful implementation of QR codes.  Go to your mobile app store and download the latest Quick Scan QR code reader and scan the following image!


20.1 million people utilized QR codes on their smartphones in the fall of 2011 (com.score).  Many companies, including Calvin Klein, Instagram, and Ford, have famously used QR codes to their advantage. To gain an edge in the Orange County marketing arena a QR code must be utilized correctly.


QR codes should enhance, not distract. You must ensure that your content connects fluidly. You should also consider the ability of your QR code to direct your customer to various sources of information relating to your business. Social media sites like Facebook & Instagram are just one of the places you can direct your customers to. Think about what would create a more rich experience; if your product is wine, for instance, you could connect your QR user to an information page about the vineyard you use.


The ways to use QR codes for your Orange County Marketing campaign are limitless. You could place them on products, and these codes could connect with social media sites attached to your business, or could direct right to the purchase page of your website. A QR code on the outside of a business could link to open hours and holiday schedules. A menu could be attached to a QR code inside a business. You can put QR codes on stationery or business cards that would direct the user to your site.


QR codes that provide information about where the user is being redirected are appreciated. Also, think about your user. Where are they when they scan your code? Putting QR codes high out of reach, or linking to content that is not useful (i.e. directions to your business inside of your business) is not the most effective way to use QR codes for your Orange County Website.


QR codes are a fantastic way to interact with your customer. They can personalize the experience; have different QR codes link to different sites based on locations. QR codes could also direct individuals to a satisfaction survey.  Your QR code that redirects to your Facebook or Instagram page allows individuals to interact with other followers.


Effective use of a QR code is a great way to get your Orange County Website to stand out from competitors. Think – where is your competition using QR codes, and where could you improve? Some companies have used QR codes to link to coupons. Some place a QR code on an advertisement for a well-performing product that links to an underperforming product. A QR code that creates a unique user experience can create loyalty. Imagine a QR code that links to a Youtube page showing people enjoying your product.

If you are ready to use QR codes to boost your Orange County business, Brandastic is a great place to begin. QR-away!

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