Are Your Making Your Site Mobile Friendly?

By Erin |  Mar 9, 2017 (5 min read)


As leaders in the web design and marketing industry, we understand the importance of evolving your business to match the latest trends, such as being mobile friendly.

This is especially true for our eCommerce clients, who rely heavily on their online presence to generate sales. In order to achieve any type of success in the online competitive market, businesses must target what adjustments they must make in order to create an amazing online shopping experience that will ultimately lead to a conversion. Looking around you, you’ll notice that shopping through your smartphone is becoming a huge trend.

In fact, mobile use has become so popular that according to OuterBox Newsletter:

“125 Million U.S. consumers own smartphones and mobile traffic has now surpassed Internet and desktop online shopping.” 

In order to maximize mobile e-commerce, when creating an e-commerce site it is important to also focus on your customer’s mobile experience. Today, it is not enough to just make your site mobile responsive, many companies are investing in designing a separate mobile app UI entirely to enhance and streamline the user experience. When creating your mobile site, it is important to do your research on what your market gravitates towards and refining your online experience to match your customer’s needs. By following these essential best mobile UI practices, you can create effortless mobile e-commerce for your customers.

Creating a theme driven design begins with understanding your target audience. By understanding your user’s needs, you can tailor your app in a way that will be beneficial to them. These minor adjustments can often be the determining factor for an abandoned cart or a complete sale.

Making sure that you’re user-friendly, but also easy to learn is key to keeping customer’s engaged on your site. If the app was not designed to be user-friendly, more often than not, even if a customer likes your product they will not complete their purchase. Mobile e-commerce is becoming so important that 40% of users will go to a competitor’s site after having a bad mobile experience.

eCommerce Mobile Stats

125 Million U.S. consumers own smartphones
• eCommerce dollars now comprise 10% of ALL retail revenue



At Brandastic, we know that your business cannot afford to lose clients because your website is not mobile-friendly.

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