Stand out from the Competition

Everyone hears it from friends, family, clients, even when you are watching Shark Tank, ‘what makes your company different from the others?’ With industries consisting of millions of businesses, such as the Health industry with literally 9.2 million physicians worldwide, why would one choose you over anyone else? Make sure you stand out from the competition and set your business apart.

Defining Who You Are

There are times we believe that pushing your product or service first, without identifying your foundation, is what should be done. Making sure everyone sees what you have to offer rather than connecting with him or her first. The truth is current and future consumers are more likely to choose you over others when they feel they have that unique connection to who you are.

Perhaps your definition is stemmed from your story such helping the environment… research from Barkley states that more than 50% of millennials make an effort to buy products from companies that support the causes they care about. By defining who you are as a company, you can truly set the foundation for your future.

Setting Brand Guidelines

Once you have a clear and thorough definition of who you are, guidelines should be set in place to make sure that everything you produce is consistent with your definition. As of 2014, roughly 60% of the millennial generation expect a consistent brand voice from companies that they interact with both online and offline. Everything from social media posts, email blasts, collateral, and website, should all portray that original definition of your company and brand. These guidelines could be as simple as how you write out your company name, what colors you decide to use in your materials, what type of photos you post on Instagram, or even how you sign an email.

There are many ways to be that unique company without too much thinking outside the box. By portraying these qualities new and current clients will respect your company as a whole, showing them how confident and organized you are while delivering results. At Brandastic, our Brand Care services will define and implement your voice that ignites your confidence.

Learn more about Brand Care  and stand out from the competition today.

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