How to Stand Out From the Competition Online [VIDEO]

By Justin |  May 6, 2020 (5 min read)

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One of the challenges of online marketing is that you are sharing platforms with other brands. Anybody who has a small advertising budget can place ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, etc.

But there’s a problem.

On Google, the real estate for ads is very crowded. On social media, all the ads go into the feed along with everything else. Most of the time they are ignored or given a minimal amount of attention.

For consumers looking for a specific product online, it is hard to tell from advertisements whether a product is better than the other brands.

How can you make an impression that stands out from other brands with similar products and services? Here are three ways that the brands we have worked with have discovered to stand out from the competition.

1) Being Human

Industrial Valco is a master distributor who offers industrial supplies for companies. They are a family-owned business that have found a specific niche. As their industry is very focused on products and delivery deadlines, their marketing has taken a different approach and focused on the human aspect of their company.

Each week they create online videos and email marketing campaigns that have fun and interesting facts and stories from the team. The customers love receiving their weekly Industrial Valco updates because they are funny and entertaining. It makes the customers want to interact with the team because they feel like real humans.

Tip: Use real people from your business to promote your brand. Try a humorous approach and make sure you feel ‘human’ in your marketing.

2) Unique Selling Proposition

Affant is a managed IT services company who are focused on assisting business who want to outsource their IT department. They work together with in-house IT staff as well as managing and monitoring from a distance.

The unique part of what they do is encapsulated in the ‘One Fee Guarantee’ which offers their clients a one-off fee per month. This guarantee makes them stand out from the competition because other IT services companies charge by the hour, or add fees for additional visits. This unique approach to billing helps them gain an advantage in a very competitive marketplace.

Tip: Find a way to offer a unique service or product that makes the customer want to work with you. Brainstorm ways that you can do it differently from other companies in your industry, and use this as a part of your advertising.

3) Genuine Value

Don Roberto is a fine diamond and jeweler with stores throughout California. Their focus has always been on running a business with traditional family values. One key aspect of their business is to offer customers specific advice and selections in store. These are complemented by their useful online guides to jewelry for different occasions and seasons. By anticipating and answering their customer’s questions online, they can attract more customers to their stores.

Tip: Through your website content, answer questions and solve problems for your customers before they buy. Make your website useful and insightful, and customers will want to buy from you.


There are many ways to be stand out from the competition in your market. It all comes down to finding better ways to meet your customer needs and wants, and by making the customer feel like they can relate to you.

A lot of the time it is hard to uncover the true value of your brand. It takes hard thinking and time to test out what your customers will value the most. But with enough time and focus, you can find new ways to stand out from the other brands in your industry and to attract more customers to buy from you.

If you want to refresh your brand and find ways to have a unique approach to marketing, then we can help. Brandastic is a digital marketing agency with offices in Orange County, Los Angeles, and Austin. We help businesses with their websites, social media, and SEO. We can help your company to stand out in the marketplace and grow your success. Contact us today to get started.

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