6 Ways to Boost Your Ecommerce Sales

By Justin |  Nov 3, 2021 (4 min read)

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In 2021, the statistics for online shopping are incredible.

The online ecommerce space is expanding by the day and shows no signs of slowing down. With giants like Amazon scooping up a considerable share of almost every market, smaller companies must be prepared to compete in the marketplace.

Over 60 percent of Americans now say they’ve purchased an item online. One-quarter of all adults in the U.S. buy an item online at least once a month.

As a digital marketing and ecommerce design agency, we are experienced in developing ecommerce marketing strategies and boosting conversions to grow online sales. Whether using social media marketing, inbound marketing, content marketing, influencer marketing, or search engine optimization, your options for increasing sales are multi-faceted.

In this article, we will look at six ways that you can increase your ecommerce sales in 2021 and beyond:

1) Be Visually Appealing

Customers who are wanting to buy from you because they feel trust with your brand. This trust is built over time and through many different factors.

The look and feel of your website s a huge trust builder. A visually appealing site that has an aspirational feel is important. Your images and text should give the impression that buying your product will make the person’s life better.

When it comes to products, provide several pictures that showcase your product or service. This way, consumers get a feel for what the product will feel like in their hands. However, remember that too many photos or poor navigation can also make people not want to buy from you.

If you have a large number of images, install a slideshow that presents each picture individually. This is important, especially for mobile.

2) Make Your Site Searchable

Even though it might be obvious to you how you can find everything on your site, that doesn’t mean it’s easy for other people. Search engine optimization isn’t just about getting your site more organic traffic, but boosting the conversion rate once they visit.

Ideally, your site should have a search function to make looking for a specific item searchable. The easier it is to navigate and find information, the longer people will stay on the site. This dwell time will boost the value of your site for the search engine algorithms.

3) Ensure Easy Checkout

No one likes long lines and sluggish checkout processes. In fact, some customers may abandon their online cart if paying takes too long. Make checkout quick and straightforward to maximize customer happiness and boost future sales.

For returning customers, offer a one-click checkout option that saves credit card numbers in a secure database—nothing is easier than purchasing with one simple click. Look at sites such as Amazon for ease of purchase for both new and existing customers.

4) Be Upfront with Shipping Costs

Some customers will get upset at hidden shipping costs until the very end of the transaction. They may not realize what it will cost to ship the item to their home, and this may prove a dealbreaker for them.

This is why sites like Amazon and eBay will share the cost of shipping upfront. It gives each person a clear indication of what the cost will be and helps them buy smoothly.

5) List Your Return Policies

Similar to shipping costs, you must clearly explain your return and exchange policies. From time to time, customers will change their mind about a product, so you must let them know what to expect upfront.

Very often, a smooth return process will help a customer to trust you more and want to purchase again in the future.

6) Cater to Your Customers

If you want to ensure customers return, make sure to cater to their questions and needs. The more you serve the right information up to your potential customers, the greater your chance of business growth. Track your customer behavior and shape your online store experience around what they want and need. Add upsell and reselling opportunities similar to a conventional retailer.

This means having clear FAQs and descriptions of each product as well as customer testimonials where possible.

Think through the customer journey as much as possible and see where you can help them have a better experience. Either by reducing steps to purchase, better quality information, or a smooth delivery and return process.

All incremental improvements in these areas add up to a better buying experience and more sales for your customers.

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