The Top Reputation Management Software Tools in 2021

By Ben |  Feb 12, 2022 (5 min read)

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Did you know 97% of people today use online search to find local businesses? 

If customers can’t find a local business through Google or don’t like what is written about them online, they won’t choose them.

For this reason, it’s essential to make sure your customers can find the right information about your local business online, and that your brand reputation is impeccable. A simple online review can make or break the success of your business in 2021. 

This reality means having correct and consistent listings across multiple directories, business review sites, and social networks. Accurate and updated information is crucial for maintaining a positive online reputation.

Doing this on individual sites can be very confusing and time-consuming. Most busy business owners don’t have time to do it, so their online reputation suffers. This is where are reputation monitoring tool can come in handy.

Fortunately, software tools are available today to help manage your online reputation and make it simple and easy.

How Reputation Management Software Works

In 2021, online reputation management is an essential piece of keeping your business growing. Reputation management software is a tool used by companies to promote their brands, gain positive reviews from happy customers, and manage negative customer experiences. 

But how does reputation management software work? 

It can often be used to submit reviews to review sites. For marketing teams, reputation management tools can help to interpret their online reputation. The software has equipped with monitoring tools to capture social mention or brand mention that appears for your company. 

It’s no secret that positive reviews result in more new customers for businesses who get them. Reputation management tools can increase the volume of positive reviews, boost your reputation score, and help business owners gain insights into how consumers view their products and services. They can also help to grow your brand awareness and improve your brand image, especially for small or local businesses.

If a company receives a negative review, reputation management software can help the business reach out, contact that person, and remedy the problem. Very often, disgruntled customers who are listened to can become positive supporters of the business. It all comes down to how quickly they are responded to, and if the company helps them.

The Top Reputation Management Software for Your Business

To help you decide which software tools are the best match for your business, here is a list of some of the most popular and useful reputation management software available in 2021.


Another online reputation management tool is Mention. As one of the top web and social media monitoring tools, Mentions does a great job as an online reputation management software tracking company mentions across social media and websites. Mentions also offers a separate tool to monitor and analyze online reputation management.


Bird Eye

Collect authentic reviews, monitor reviews on 200+ sites in one place, respond to reviews, share your reviews on social media, and receive actionable insights from customer feedback.



Recognized as 2020 Highest Satisfaction Software Award winner, Podium is an Interaction Management platform that’s redefining the modern relationship between businesses and their customers with tools to take control of your online reputation. Podium’s reputation management software is trusted by over 55,000 businesses to manage and improve their reputation on sites like Google, Facebook, HealthGrades, Edmunds & more.


Rize Reviews

A reputation management platform that helps businesses monitor customer satisfaction collect feedback, and generate positive online reviews. Rize offers custom review response writing to save businesses time and effort! The tool allows you to solicit feedback from your customers via email, text message, in-store kiosk, or even printable “review us” cards. The tool integrates with Every review site – and focuses on the sites that matter most to your business and in your industry.


Sprout Social

Sprout Social offers powerful social customer service solutions for leading agencies and brands including Hyatt, Ogilvy, Leo Burnett, Evernote and Microsoft. Sprout Social enables brands to simplify social monitoring, listening, customer service, engagement and much more. Sprout supports Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and integrates with Bitly, Google Analytics, Zendesk, Feedly & UserVoice.



Convuent offers business listings management, Website Design, and SEO, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Reviews, customer feedback, and online reputation management for local business. (including) Chiropractors, Dentists, Doctors, Lawyers, Home Improvement, Professional Services, Hospitality, and many more.



SOCi is an award-winning platform built specifically for “next-level” multi-location marketers. Our customers include top brands and influencers like Ace Hardware, Sport Clips, and Anytime Fitness, who have the impossible challenge of managing their digital presence across hundreds and thousands of locations. As central command for multi-location marketers, SOCi makes the impossible possible by enabling top brands and their locations to strengthen and scale their digital presence.



Hootsuite is the world’s most widely used social media management platform with over 16 million users worldwide. It is designed for organizations to execute social media strategies across multiple social media networks, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and YouTube. Teams can collaborate within a secure environment across all devices and departments to manage social media profiles, engage with customers, and generate revenue.



NiceJob was built for service businesses (B2C), SaaS, & agencies. NiceJob is the easiest way to become a top-rated business and win more sales. NiceJob automates your social media marketing using your reviews and photos. And we help you improve your search engine results, website traffic, and sales by publishing your reviews and photos to your website.



Demandforce helps businesses automate front office tasks and streamline communications with an all-in-one solution. From automated appointment reminders to robust reputation management, only Demandforce uniquely combines all the features and functionality a business needs to grow in one place.



Where are customers leaving reviews for your business? Find your customers and respond to the reviews that are driving your business. Reputation management solutions allow businesses to get back to doing what they do best. CallSource offers reputation management services for review responses that drive business.



Cloud reputation management system that allows enterprises to monitor or manage online ratings and respond to customer feedback. They help companies monitor and improve online ratings and reviews, improve customer experience, and drive traffic, visits, and revenue.

An Investment In Your Brand’s Future

Reputation management software makes your marketing efforts as a business owner easier. Whichever reputation management solution you choose, you can ensure that it will be a valuable part of your marketing strategy. Reputation management tools also help you gain valuable insights into how customers view your business and how you can keep improving. They are worth the investment of time and money to ensure your business keeps growing and gaining more positive online review.


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