Using Facebook Effectively for Your Orange County Marketing Campaign

By Stacy |  May 5, 2012 (5 min read)


Think about this. You are connected with many friends online. And your friends are connected with others that you’ve never met. So engaging the people you know online is a great way to draw in new business. And since there’s currently a big buzz surrounding social media, with businesses putting money and effort into their online presence, it’s important to do it right. In some cases, this outreach isn’t paying off with droves of new customers. There are important principles that must be followed in order to use Facebook to interface appropriately with your Orange County website and business in order to maximize your return. So how can you engage your Facebook audience? Here are some ideas below:

Optimizing for SEO

You want people to be able to find your business easily online. The easier you are to be found, the more chance that people are going to visit your Facebook page. In turn, this will lead to more interaction, more sharing of information and the continued growth of your audience.  Facebook & SEO are like peanut butter & jelly; they are a perfect combination & it’s clear that the more that people interact with your business, the better the results.

Know the Audience for Your Brand
Your business must know the demographic for your product. Facebook users do not use Facebook to check on ads and businesses. You must target your message to a specific audience. Facebook will soon be allowing marketers to optimize their ads for any Facebook action. Your business will be able to optimize your budget, spending money on the Facebook action you want most. (Are you a ‘like’ or a ‘share?’) Use the data you get from Facebook to better target your potential clients. Then looking at the feedback on your Facebook page to help you improve your business.

Engage Your Customers Effectively
Successful businesses are constantly finding ways to integrate their social media sites with their website and, if applicable, their storefront. Think about launching a competition through Facebook. Video competition is one way to drive traffic for your business. The video that gets the most ‘likes’ wins one of a deal, a free product or service.

Interface Beyond Facebook
If you have a big Facebook following, make sure there are easy links to your website, and make sure your the homepage of your website is enticing and easy to navigate with a call to action…like a phone number or lead generation form. If you want to make sure your website top-notch, enlist the help of a website design company like Brandastic. Highlight new product launches, sales, and openings on both your website and your social media sites. Look around on Facebook and other social sites often. Look at what others are doing around you to get ideas. Don’t forget – social media is social. You need to keep the conversation going and your business growing, which can include going out and having lunch or coffee with people off-line. Start blogging and speaking about your business often, so others can know what you are up to. This touch-point is a key part of business development.

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