Brand Development & Go-to-Market Strategy

California Online Public Schools serves as a new generation of immersive e-learning that challenges a one-size-fits-all approach for California’s diverse student population. Since 2004, our WASC-accredited, tuition-free, independent study schools guarantee students in grades TK–12 the highest quality education tailored to their individual needs.

What Our Team Accomplished

1. Brand Discovery

2. Website Design and Development

3. Go-to Market Strategy

4. Search Engine Optimization

5. Organic Social

6. Paid Social Media

7. Search Engine Marketing

8. Blog Writing

9. Videography

10. Photography

11. Branded Collateral

The Challenge

After years of affiliation with a major California institution in online public schooling, California Online Public Schools was preparing to face a myriad of challenges as it ventured out on its own. One significant hurdle was establishing brand recognition and credibility in a market saturated with established competitors. Departing from the umbrella of a renowned institution meant losing the built-in trust and reputation that came with it. Consequently, California Online Public Schools knew it was critical to partner with a quick and effective team to assist in making a name for themselves and prove its worth to prospective students and parents.

Our Solution

Upon completion of their new logo, brand direction and website, we embarked upon our next effort— a comprehensive strategy aimed at enhancing brand visibility, engagement, and ultimately, driving enrollments. Just in time to start driving enrollments, we launched targeted digital advertising campaigns across social media platforms and search engines to reach and resonate with parents and students across California. Additionally, our team orchestrated compelling email marketing initiatives to nurture leads and foster parent loyalty. Brandastic continuously refined our approach, reallocating resources to the most effective channels and optimizing messaging for maximum impact. As a result of our efforts, California Online Public Schools experienced a tidal wave of qualified leads, top organic search rankings, and a beautiful brand image, solidifying Brandastics role as a driving force behind California Online Public Schools’ success.

Ad Formats and Platforms


Google: Search


Facebook/Instagram: Images, Videos, Carousels


Pinterest: Videos

Key Messages


Personalized Paths to Success


Nurturing Bright Futures, Together


Online Learning Built For You


Learning Without Limits

Target Audience


Mom of Three

Loretta & Warren

Parents of Special Needs Child


Dad of an Athletic Child


Academically Gifted Student

Target Audience

Target Audience

Conversion Campaigns

Leading viewers directly to the website

Remarketing Campaigns

Leveraging relevant site traffic to drive conversions

Lead Generation Campaigns

Driving inquiry form submissions

Key Metrics + Results

Surpassed Enrollment Target by 7%

3,000+ Qualified Leads

Generated within 2 months from Campaign Launch

Top of First Page in Organic Search

Less than 30 Days from Launch

Pay-per-click performance

Conversion Rate: 14.14%

Lead gen average is 7% according to Podium and Top 10% convert at 11.45% or higher according to Databox

Click Through Rate: 5.13%

The Education Industry Average is 3.78% for Search & 0.53% for Display According to Webfx.

Cost Per Conversion

5X Lower Cost Per Conversion Than Industry Average 
(Jobs & Education* Wordstream)

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