5 Ways to Promote Your Blog and Boost Traffic

By Justin |  Apr 3, 2022 (5 min read)

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There were more than 500 million active blogs churning out content in 2019 with even more published in 2020.

While we all know it’s easy to start a blog, drawing in traffic to each new post requires quality writing, an SEO strategy, authority in your space, and a dedication to content promotion.

Missing just one of the above practices means your blog content is not as visible as it should be.

In our opinion, the most under-appreciated content marketing tactic is content promotion through various marketing channels. Learning how to promote blog content is both a science and an artform, and requires a lot of testing of different methods.

In this article, we will look at how to promote your blog posts across several mediums to gain the interest of your target audience, and grow your blog traffic through the roof. 


Send out monthly eblasts to your existing customers can help them to keep your brand in mind for future purchases.

Promote with An Email List

One of the best things you can do to bring in a consistent audience to your blog is to start building up an email list.

The numbers speak for themselves as 99% of people with an email account check their messages on a daily basis. More specifically, 73% of millennials say that email is their preferred method of contact from businesses. 

If your business already sends out email newsletters on a regular basis you can easily feature any relevant or recently published post right in the email. Now, if your brand, business, or blog doesn’t already have a dedicated email outreach strategy, there’s no better time to start.

The first step is to choose an email marketing provider like Hootsuite. After that, all you have to do is set up an account and start drafting up your first newsletter. 

Once you have your newsletter up and running, you need to find people to fill your email list. You can start by offering up product discounts or incentives in return for customers signing up. 

Developing an engaging email newsletter will help you diversify your marketing mix and cross-promote your blog. Check out more tips for running a successful email marketing campaign right here.


Adding new blog posts to social media keeps your brand up to date and also attracts people to your site.

Promote Organically on Social Media

One of the easiest and most obvious ways to promote your content is organically through social media. This tactic is completely free and takes the least effort of any of the other tips shared in this blog. 

As a business or blog operating in 2021, odds are you’re already active on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and maybe even TikTok. Consistently sharing your blogs via a social media channel is the perfect way to keep your audience engaged, while also driving more traffic to your content. Make sure your headlines are engaging and hashtags are used properly to help you secure more eyeballs.

Ensuring your blog is mobile friendly is another important factor when sharing your content across social media. That’s because 91% of social media users access their social media channels through mobile devices. If your blog content looks terrible on a mobile device, there’s almost no point in even spending the time to promote it on social media.


Promote with Paid Social 

When done right, a small ad spend promoting your content across social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Instagram, an TikTok can quickly boost traffic to your blog article. This tactic requires some knowledge of paid advertising and how to put together an ad campaign.  Every social channel is slightly different in terms of marketing strategy, so you need a basic understanding of each before you start.

The paid social experts here at Brandastic spend countless hours identifying target audiences and segments, tweaking CTA’s, adjusting budgets, and making sure everything is running smoothly. We do all of this to ensure our ad spend reaches the audience we want to reach and traffic filters back into our blog.

 If you have the time, a little bit of money, and some patience, we always suggest brushing up on paid social tactics so you can start amplifying the reach of your content. 

Though ad spends may be affordable initially, the costs can quickly rise. This becomes even more problematic if the ads aren’t producing any valuable conversions to your blog. That’s why it’s imperative to continuously tweak and adjust your ad spend in order to get the results you want. 

Work With Guest Posters

Guest posting is a powerful tactic where both the owner of the blog and the writer publishing a guest post share the cross-promotional value. More specifically, the blog gets free top quality content from a guest poster who profits off the partnership through backlinks and authority sent back to their own site. 

Here are some great ways to get started with guest blogging:

  • Look for sites that have a good Page Authority and Domain Authority
  • Begin commenting on posts and fostering relationships with those sites.
  • Pitch the editors with exciting blog post ideas that are tailored to their niche. 
  • Promote anything you get published on all of your social channels. 
Always display your blog on your top navigation bar so visitors can find it easily.

Promote Your Content on Your Own Website

If you value content marketing and the power it possesses, visitors should be able to tell that when looking at your website. Your blog needs to be easily viewed and accessible on the homepage of your website. More specifically, hiding a blog page link on the small footer of your site isn’t enough. 

You can also promote blog content on your website through the blog section of your site. This is all about UX design and making sure your blog is user friendly. Ideally, you want to pin top performing evergreen content to the top of the blog while also highlighting new and noteworthy content. On top of that, it’s important to make sure each blog post-auto-populates related posts onto the page, which entices readers to continue clicking through your content.

To make sure your blog visitors keep returning it is a good idea to make your content topical and relevant, and has excellent readability. Remember to add visual content wherever you can, in the form of images or video, as this adds more value to your blog article.


On top of showcasing top blog posts across your website, it’s important to continuously update and republish evergreen content. More specifically, republishing allows you to keep the authority already built up from the existing page while at the same time gaining more visibility. Don’t just post a new post and expect blog visitors to keep reading it for years, it will fade in value and interest over time. Keep your blogging content fresh and topical, and up-to-date and you will keep your readers coming back for more.

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