Locate Inventory: Google Pay Per Click (PPC) Case Study

By Ben |  Nov 5, 2019 (5 min read)

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Locate is an Enterprise-Level Inventory and Workflow Management that helps customers streamline accounting, sales, and warehousing. Locate met with Brandastic in search of a digital marketing agency that could help attract business owners in search of an inventory management service appropriate for their small to medium-sized businesses.

With an in-depth understanding of LOCATE’s target audiences needs and desires, Brandastic created a pay per click campaign that boasted the following results in less than six months:


  1. 79K New Users Reached (All Time)
  2. 66% Increase in Conversions
  3. 43% Increase in Top Page Rate

1. Custom Landing Page

Brandastic created a custom landing page for LOCATE designed for lead generation, highlighting LOCATE’s main unique selling propositions and calling prospects to submit their information for a free demo.


We analyzed landing page activity with heat mapping from Hotjar. This helped us understand the user’s path on the page and make tweaks to increase conversions.


For those lower in the sales funnel, leads submitted their information directly in the form to take advantage of the free demo. However, many leads interested in learning more about LOCATE had the opportunity to visit their main website for more information.


We made sure Locate’s homepage was easy to navigate and showcased a clean layout


2. Automated Email Integration

A key component to a successful lead generation campaign is constant engagement throughout the sales funnel process. As users become more accustomed to submitting their information online, there is an expectation that they’ll be further engaged by the brand. Hence, the importance of an automated email campaign to ensure that each lead is engaged and remembers LOCATE’s name as they shop around. Brandastic integrated lead generation efforts with LOCATE’s existing automated email campaign to touch the lead at each stage in the sales funnel.

3. Video Production 

Considering that video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80%, Brandastic advocated producing a video where LOCATE can best showcase the features, ease of use and benefits of utilizing their product. Brandastic directed, produced and edited a marketing video and featured it at the top of our landing page to increase engagements and conversions on the landing page.


4. Attribution Tracking

With any lead generation campaign, it’s critical to understand the user behavior of the target audience that you’re marketing. A higher price point or a more significant purchase typically equates to a longer sales funnel, which was an important consideration to weigh while Brandastic created a lead generation campaign for LOCATE. Understanding LOCATE’s audience, Brandastic set up attribution tracking to accurately monitor traffic as they visited the landing page and clicked away to LOCATE’s main website for more information. Through this attribution tracking set-up in Google Analytics, Brandastic is able to accurately attribute website traffic back to lead generation efforts.

In conclusion, LOCATE went from little to no online leads prior to the onset of our partnership. Since our lead generation efforts started, LOCATE has witnessed a huge spike in website traffic, brand exposure and quality leads.


  1. 79K New Users Reached (All Time)
  2. 66% Increase in Conversions
  3. 43% Increase in Top Page Rate


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