Material Design Lite: The Trendiest Web Designs of 2017

By Erin |  Oct 5, 2017 (4 min read)


Google’s Material Design has taken over web design trends in the last few years. With their signature flat designs and masterful layering, UI designers are incorporating this style of design for both visual aesthetic and user functionality.

In 2017 however, it’s Material Design Lite that has really stolen the show.

Material Design Lite essentially takes what Material Design was intended for, mobile devices and makes it optimized for all devices. Taking components of material design, which is their use of grid-based layouts, depth effects like lighting and shadows as well as animations and white padding, web designers everywhere are beginning to use this design language to create robust and beautiful designs.

Mix and Max

With material design, it is important for web designers to create something as if it could be used in real life. That is where layering and motion come into play. You can mix and match between color palettes, fonts and layer styles to make them completely unique to your own design. One of the standout components of Material Design is that it has a vibrant color palette with often very unique color combinations. Try bold colors and pairings you wouldn’t normally put together, and you’ll see the new life that it can bring to your design.

Open Source

Material Design is also completely open-source, so templates, code snippets, and even best practices are all available via GitHub. It is also not Javascript based so it is designed and intended to work on all devices and on all browsers.

In the end, Material Design Lite has gained its popularity for its easy usability and accessibility. With more flexibility than traditional material design, you can either implement parts or all of it into your website design. Most importantly, it makes the user experience for your visitors more organized and enjoyable.


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