Maximize your Site Speed with Slim Design

In today’s instant culture, speed is everything. Yet, many online businesses fail to see its critical value for their company.

 According to Google’s 2016 Site Performance, “website speeds for any e-commerce site should range from 500 milliseconds to 2 seconds at most.”

By optimizing space and improving your site’s speed, you are elevating the value of your user experience (UX) which will in turn have a powerful influence on your website’s conversion rates. How do you achieve faster loading speeds? Well, the answer can be found in answering the age old question, “What do our clients really want?”


In building a website, online businesses can often get carried away with applying visual elements and effects that will differentiate their site from competitors, but really serve no other functionality to the website. Although interactive sites and elaborate designs can create a unique user experience, they can also slow down your site. Maintaining high performance involves taking into consideration different design capacities, for example, ensuring that your images are kept to the appropriate sizes. The larger the files, the longer it will take for the webpage to load. Overlooking these critical web design elements can often inadvertently affect your websites speed, in turn affecting your user experience.

Add Ons

While simplicity is not the deciding factor in website speed, removing excess functionality is. Although additional widgets and plug ins might seem beneficial, if they are not essential add ons, they will ultimately slow down your site’s speed. Understanding your audience’s needs and interactions with the site is the best way to decide which design elements and add ons to truly incorporate into your website.

At Brandastic, we research and share the latest design and marketing tools that will ensure the integrity of your brand, and the speed of your website. With custom services built around you, connect with Brandastic and see how you can start your Brand Journey today.



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