The Top Digital Marketing Youtube Channels in 2021

By Tri |  Feb 1, 2022 (5 min read)

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Have you heard of the new Google Premium that costs $14.99 per month?

Don’t worry, we haven’t either.

In 2021, we’re all living in the age of information and best of all, the majority of that  valuable information is free.

The great thing about Google and other search engines is that you can find out almost anything you want in an instant.

There are no restrictions and (thankfully) there is no freemium feature.

Youtube, which is owned by Google, allows you to subscribe to your favorite channels and watch millions of free videos about whatever you want. 

People love watching Youtube videos so much that in 2021 almost one billion hours of content are watched daily. But video views are not the only indicator of a successful youtube creator. There must be value in the content that keeps the audience engaged and coming back. 

Fortunately, in the mix of those one billion hours of viewing is a lot of great youtube video content focused on digital marketing. If you want to keep up with marketing trends, and marketing strategy, 

What Are Digital Marketing Videos About?

There are many different areas of digital marketing that are showcased in youtube videos:

  • SEO videos
  • PPC videos 
  • social media management videos
  • mobile marketing videos
  • content creation videos

These online videos go in-depth into digital marketing and can be classified as educational in nature. With videos including strategies on how to grow your business, increasing your online presence, writing better content, and putting out online ads that convert, managing social media, inbound marketing, etc, each digital marketing video holds a purpose for achieving a goal.

The Top Digital Marketing Youtube Channels in 2021

Many popular digital marketing videos are hosted and taught by experts in the field so you know you’re getting high-quality information. 

Here is a list of 11 Digital Marketing Youtube channels worth subscribing to.



Ahrefs is arguably one of the best SEO software suites around, being used by millions of marketing professionals around the world.

They also have a killer Youtube channel with over 100k subscribers, hosted by digital strategist Sam Oh.

Their SEO focused youtube video content provides users with in-depth how-to videos, answering common SEO questions, and showcasing plenty of videos about how to use their software for various tasks including stealing your competitor’s backlinks and generating keyword ideas with keyword research.

Ahrefs also has its own Ahrefs Academy, a free 10 chapter course with videos on how to properly blog for your business.



If you’re in the digital marketing community, there’s a great chance you’ve heard of the name Brian Dean, aka the mastermind behind Backlinko.

Backlinko provides some of the most in-depth SEO training and link building strategies on the planet.

If you’re not convinced, check out one of the articles on his site. He even took the time to write out the complete list of all 200 of Google’s Ranking Factors

That’s commitment.

Backlinko is also an amazing source for video content with over 300k subscribers.

Brian’s videos are very organized and goes into extreme detail about topics including what the best SEO tips are, how to get more views on Youtube, and how to rank higher on search engines.

You’ll leave this channel having learned a thing or two.



Brandastic is a digital marketing and advertising agency in Southern California, specializing in SEO, PPC, SMM, and web design and development. 

When it comes to learning about digital marketing as a whole, what better way to find out about it than from an actual full-service agency.

The Brandastic Show is a great resource for learning about marketing strategies, industry tips and tricks, informative how-to’s, and much more.

Our team of seasoned marketers across all specialties comes together to consistently create great video content that’s easy to digest and actionable.

Some specific topics that Brandastic goes into include how to improve your website rankings, how to choose the best server for your business, and increasing your Facebook engagement

We’re always putting out new content so be sure to check out the channel and learn something new.


Digital Marketing Institute

The Digital Marketing Institute provides quality online courses and training in digital marketing and is the global certification standard to boot. 

This worldwide known institution works with experts and leaders in the field to bring users educational courses including earning a certified postgraduate diploma in digital marketing.

Their passion is helping people succeed with a quality education in a booming field.

DMI’s Youtube channel has close to 10k subscribers and showcases plenty of videos including case studies, Q&As with digital marketing experts, how-to’s, and other insightful content. 

Make sure you check the DMI out if you’re looking to up your education in the ever-changing field of digital marketing.



Gary Vaynerchuck is the Chairman of VaynerX and CEO of VaynerMedia and is known for his online omnipresence delivering actionable insights and powerful marketing tips.

He’s a public speaker and successful entrepreneur, but his biggest calling card might be his passion for helping others succeed as a quasi, no BS motivational speaker.

His Youtube Channel is where his over 2 million subscribers go to catch his videos of him partaking in various speeches, watch and listen to his live Q&A’s, and providing his expert opinion on various topics. If you are interested in social media marketing, influencer marketing, or just general marketing skills, then Gary is well worth watching.

Even as a super successful businessman, Gary Vee still loves the hustle. Watch his videos where he goes to garage sales and  flips items he finds on eBay. He keeps it humble and always keeps it real.



Google Analytics

The Google Analytics Youtube channel is not only the place to go for all of your GA needs, but also for how you can use their services to better your digital marketing efforts. After all, there is no greater marketing expert than Google itself.

With over 300k subscribers and a stream of new videos always being released, Google Analytics provides users with tips on how to achieve whatever goal you’re looking to accomplish.

Need to know how to set up goals? Check.

How about tracking a marketing campaign? It’s here.

Included with these handy tips are videos including sit-downs with digital marketers, case studies, Q&A sessions, and speakers.


Kimberly Ann Jimenez

Kimberly is an entrepreneur, marketing coach and the founder of The Business Lounge, her business blueprint for mastering online marketing. 

She has an impressive skill set, knowledge of marketing and passion for helping others succeed.

Alongside her successful business, her Youtube channel is filled with dozens of insightful videos including tips on increasing productivity, starting blog writing, and sales strategies and tactics

Her great personality and knowledge of her industry makes her Youtube channel of over 40k subscribers a must-listen.



Moz is a SaaS company that sells marketing software helping SEO’s and digital marketers better understand and improve their site with top-notch analytics.

While their software is one of the best in the game right now, their Youtube channel is also right up there with the cream of the crop as far as video content goes.

Moz’s Youtube channel has over 65k subscribers and has some of the best videos out there for learning digital marketing and many other areas of the field.

Former Moz CEO Rand Fishkin was the host of many videos but is a wizard when it comes to his digital marketing know-how. His charisma and deep knowledge on SEO topics makes these lengthy videos hard to stop watching.

Their videos also go into how to use their own software to help you acquire your data, as well as cool tips, tricks, and overall highly useful information.


Pat Flynn

Pat is a digital marketing coach with tons of experience and know-how on how to succeed in this industry.

He’s truly someone who’s been on both sides of success. His layoff from his career in 2008 sparked a desire to build an online business in the architecture field and since then saw a meteoric rise, turning that business into one worth several million dollars.

With over 200k subscribers, Pat’s here to share his success with videos including great tips, advice, marketing strategies and much more.



SEMrush is another SaaS company on our list, and these guys sell an awesome, all in one marketing suite for digital marketing professionals.

Next to their software, their Youtube channel is top-notch for learning about digital marketing (and learning about their tools). They have a healthy following of nearly 50k people.

SEMRush also curated their own playlists including Weekly Wisdom, mostly sub-15 min videos complete with tips, how-to’s, things you should currently know about, and what’s important. 



Unbounce is the #1 landing page platform for website builders.

While their niche is specific, their Youtube channel covers all things digital marketing (but they also go into detail about landing pages and design, of course)

Included are dozens of videos spanning several years with topics including conversions,  webinars with industry leaders, recaps from conferences, and much more.

They also have a stellar blog section on their website that goes into even more detail with tips, examples of landing pages that convert, how-to’s, and much more. 


Put Insights Into Action

Whether you’re a digital marketer or not, we all share the same desire to want to learn. Learning is what keeps us competitive in our field but also keeps us accountable to ourselves.

As well as these excellent video resources, be sure to check out blog sections from reputable marketing agencies, and other companies within the digital marketing space. There is a ton of valuable information out there just waiting to be consumed and applied to your business.

In 2021, there is no better time than now to learn.  If you’re a digital marketer, make sure you do your research but also implement what you learned into your strategies. 

These Digital Marketing Youtube channels offer an incredible starting point to stand out in your marketplace and attract more customers.


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