What is Quality Score? Why is it Important? [VIDEO]

By Justin |  Aug 19, 2019 (3 min read)

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Google is the biggest PPC player in the world right now. Over 80% of their revenue comes from advertisements.

Clearly, it’s in Google’s best interest to serve their search visitors relevant ads that match their needs. This is where quality score comes into play.

Quality score is a rating that Google gives to each of your keywords in your advertising campaign and it’s a good gauge of your potential PPC conversion rate. It’s essentially Google’s assessment of how relevant your ads are to the keywords that people are searching for.

Quality score is calculated through hundreds of factors, but three main ones are? important to know about:

1) Expected and Actual Click-Through Rate

This is an estimate of how likely someone will click on your ad, based on the exact search term of your keyword. It’s essential to understand the keyword meaning, and that your ads are appealing to the people who might be searching for them.

Think about the common call-to-action points or unique selling points for your product or service. This helps align your ads with what the person is searching for.

2) Ad Relevance

How well does your ad structure match your keywords? To make the structure works well, you have to group keywords in topic groups.

Also, make sure the keywords work in the context of your ads. Whatever wording you use in your advertisements, should be the same as what visitors see on the website. This includes headlines, sub-headlines, and copy.

3) Landing Page Experience

When creating an ad, it’s easy to overlook the first interaction that your user has with your landing page. Three key elements that will help improve the success of your ads are:

These three elements make it easier and more enjoyable for your potential customers to stay on your page.

Having a good quality score is a signal that the ads you are running are relevant to your customers. Quality score is a predictor and is not the only factor; however, if you focus on improving these factors, you will likely see a boost in attention and conversions from your ads.

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