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5 Warning Signs Your Digital Marketing Agency Is Not on the Up and Up

These days, building an online presence is not optional. From mom and pop shops and local restaurants to regional chains and even national and international firms, online visibility is absolutely critical to success. Of course, most small business owners lack the skills and time to handle their own web advertising, so they outsource those needs. The problem is that not every digital marketing agency in Irvine is up to snuff. Some may be little more than a waste of your hard-earned money. How do you tell if your agency needs to be fired?

Little or No Change Activity

Take a moment to check your platform’s account activity dashboard. Specifically, you want to see the change in history. If you see little or no activity here, it’s a good sign that your online marketing service is doing little or nothing to build your brand and bolster success.

They Keep Selling You

Let’s be clear – you will be sold to during the run-up to forming a relationship with a digital firm. However, if you are still being sold to afterward, particularly well into your relationship, it is a good sign that the company is more interested in what they can get out of your pockets rather than what they can do to help build your success.

They Don’t Want to Talk with You

As a business owner, you know how critical it is that you are there when your customers need you. Your web advertising company should understand this just as well as you do. If they are not there when you need to talk, or you feel that they’re actively avoiding you, this is a bad sign. If they can avoid direct communication, then they can go on billing for efforts that are probably not yielding much in the way of results.

Fee after Fee after Fee

If your internet advertising firm seems more intent on slapping you with service charges, additional fees, markups, and other costs, it is a definite sign that they’re not on the up and up.

They Promise a Secret Solution

Digital marketing is not an exact science, but it is no different from traditional marketing in many ways. There is no “secret solution” that will garner you massive traction. It involves smart decisions, accurately measuring results, A/B testing – in other words, work.

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