Tips to define brand voice

3 Tips to Define Your Brand Voice [VIDEO]

You may not realize it, but each brand has a particular ‘voice’ that is a part of their brand. All your customers will think of you in a…

instagram marketing 2018

The Value of Instagram Marketing for Business

For most business owners, they’re so busy running their business that updating social media seems like a pointless waste of time. Why bother posting day after day, just…

How Indirect Marketing works in 2018

How Indirect Marketing works in 2019

If you run a business today, you’ve probably heard about the different types of marketing approaches available. You know that you need to spend time and invest money…

Brandastic ecommerce hourglass

The Shifting Evolution of Ecommerce Consumer Behaviors

As the ecommerce landscape has evolved, so too have the buying habits of most consumers. In the past, a lot of the pre-purchase thinking was done in the…

Nike Air Jordan Behind The Brand

Nike Air Jordan – Behind The Brand

Before 1984, the world of basketball sneakers was fairly boring. The standard running shoe or sports shoe was mostly white in color, with some small aesthetic additions such…

How to increase positive online reviews

3 Tactics to Improve your Online Reviews [VIDEO]

Did you know that 97% of online consumers today go online to look at reviews before buying a product or service? And that 85% of people will trust…

humanizing your brand

A Guide to Humanizing your Brand

In the modern world, there is a blurred line between work and home. Because, more often than not, we find ourselves attached to our devices 24/7; connecting both…

MailChimp marketing brand review

High Fives All Around: MailChimp Brand Review

Sending emails gets kinda boring after a while. Sending thousands of emails gets really boring, really quickly. Thank goodness that whenever you use Mailchimp that you have a…

owner of the business is not the brand digital marketing orange county

The Owner of the Company is not the Brand

Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Bill Gates. What do these three people have in common? Besides all making it to the billionaire club at a reasonably early age, they…

tesla marketing

Innovation is Good Marketing: Tesla Brand Review

Before 2004, the name Tesla was synonymous with a quirky genius inventor from the 1900s. However, after the launch of Elon Musk’s third company SpaceX in 2002, the…

Glossier makeup brand review

Treat your customer like an influencer: Glossier Brand Review

This is how I used to buy mascara: I’d walk into a Target and buy whichever one felt like it was the right quality for me. Then, three…

orange county generation z

A Guide to Marketing to Generation Z

No matter which generation you were born into (or identify with) you have to admit that people are changing. Fashion, culture, values, and lifestyles shift with every single…

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