Why Your Blog Is Boring (and What To Do About It)

Why Your Blog Is Boring (And What To Do About It)

A good quality company blog and vlog can be an amazing asset to your business. It grows your organic reach, and also builds trust with your customers and prospects.

Top 15 Digital Marketing Conferences

Top 17 Must Attend Digital Marketing Conferences 2019-2020

An eclectic group, it’s no wonder digital marketers love conferences, festivals, conventions, and summits. We’re an overly competitive bunch, obsessed with trends, addicted to the internet, and avid…

Justin Nassie, Brandastic EOOC

Brandastic President Receives Global Marketing & Communications Award

In March 2019, Justin Nassie, founder of Brandastic was awarded the EO Marketing & Communications Leadership Award for 2018/2019. This award is given to one recipient worldwide once a year.

Why Eye Contact is Important in Communication

Why Eye Contact is Important in Communication

We’ve all heard the age-old saying the “eyes are the window to the soul” and in many ways it holds true. Everybody knows looking others in the eyes…

digital marketing agency orange county

What it’s like inside a Digital Marketing agency

As a marketing director, many people ask me what it’s like working in a digital marketing agency. Honestly, it’s difficult to explain in simple terms. Marketing today is…

Why your workspace design matters

Why Your Workspace Design Matters

Your office is where you spend at least a third of your time. For many people, the physical environment is not something they think makes a significant impact…

Brandastic Teaches At Chapman University

  We are pleased to announce Justin, Brandastic’s Founder and President has accepted a position as a lecturer at Chapman University for Fall 2014. Teaching Web Design and…

power of a great team

How to Improve Your Team’s Workplace Productivity

Working as a team and creating a company culture doesn’t come easy. With the many different minds that make up a team, it can be hard to communicate,…

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