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Our Mission

Drive Traffic To Your Amazon Listings

Choosing the right Amazon marketing agency is an important first step in becoming an e-commerce leader, ranking higher than your competition, and producing the sales goals your business is looking for. Brandastic can do just that! Our dedicated team of digital marketing experts has the experience, tools, and resources needed to raise your products up through the Amazon ranks.   

Whether you want assistance with your current campaign or need to set one up from scratch, we’ve got the team to get it done. Our holistic approach to Amazon marketing brings the skills of our PPC & SEO team together to build a campaign with maximum ROI in mind. We get to know your business from the inside out to help meet your goals and target your products to the correct audience. 

Check out these statistics below to see why having an Amazon advertising & optimization agency on your side is paramount to building growth and revenue on the massive eCommerce platform.

- More than 50% of consumers start their online shopping on Amazon.

- 90% of shoppers research products on Amazon to compare prices.

- Consumers spend more time Amazon than the other top 9 retailers combined.

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Our Amazon Marketing Services

As an Amazon advertising & marketing agency, our mission is simple. We Ignite the Potential of our clients and provide bottom-line driving results. We look at your individual business needs to provide you with recommendations on how to succeed in the crowded Amazon marketplace. We are experts, but are not limited to these services: 

Sponsored Products (PPC)

We develop tailored cost per click ads for your products that appear where your audience is, increasing your visibility and reach.

Sponsored Brands

These specialized advertisements consist of your brand name and 3 product listings, showing up in search results on the top of the page. 

Sponsored Display Ads

These ads appear both on and off Amazon, geared toward customers who are browsing products and pages similar in nature.

Amazon SEO (search engine optimization)

We implement a custom keyword strategy for each of your products, ensuring that you’re driving in relevant traffic that converts.

Why You Should Choose Brandastic As Your Amazon Product Marketing Agency

We custom tailor your strategy to your business needs, so no two campaigns are exactly alike. Our proven methods are used to produce amazing results. Here are just a few benefits that come with marketing your products with us: 

Increase Your Brand Awareness

Branding has never been more important in marketing than it is now. Our Amazon brand consulting service works to develop customer loyalty and trust with your products. A lasting impression goes a long way.

Drive More Sales

Being able to target your specific audience ensures the highest ROI. Our custom strategies aim to increase your visibility to the customers that are looking for your products.

Improve Your Rankings

When you have a dedicated team of Amazon marketers on your side, the only way your rankings can go is up. Our industry-leading methods are geared to outshine the competition.

Campaign Management

We don’t do the ‘set and forget’ campaign strategy. We constantly monitor your campaign and modify it based on current needs and trends. 


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Brandastic is a top-rated Amazon marketing agency.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Get The Answers

Why Brandastic?

Here at Brandastic, we have over 15 years of experience in specialties including SEO, PPC, web development, content writing, social media, and Amazon marketing. Our award-winning Amazon marketing agency has helped companies grow their online presence & expand their reach online. Let us do the same for you.

How do I know if I need Amazon marketing?

Whether your business is just starting out or you’ve been in the game for a while, a custom Amazon marketing strategy is always beneficial. Our holistic approach not only caters to helping you sell more products but also increasing your brand recognition. 

A successful business now doesn’t always mean it will be. You need to keep your strategies up to date in order to keep targeting the right audience and stay current with the trends. 

How can you ensure positive results?

Our team of marketing experts understands the ins and outs of the Amazon landscape. We have industry-leading tools and resources to supplement our efforts on getting you to the top of the rankings. We stay in constant communication with you throughout the entire process from strategy sessions to campaign assessment to make sure we're satisfying your business goals. 

How is Amazon SEO different from a more generic SEO campaign?

Much like website SEO, Amazon SEO focuses on optimizing your product listings in the hope that you rank higher in the eCommerce platform’s search results. On the other hand, the Amazon algorithm is completely separate from Google’s and takes into account a different set of ranking factors. Long story short, Amazon SEO requires the same skillset as web-based SEO, but it’s important to understand the various subtleties and differences between the two search algorithms. At Brandastic, our SEO specialists are heavily trained in both!  

Will my business benefit from selling products on Amazon?

Every business is different and what makes sense for one might not for the other. We believe Amazon can help you funnel more traffic towards your products and reach a wider range of potential customers than you would when only selling products on your own site. On the other hand, factors like heavy competition and added fees steer some businesses away from the platform. If you’re not sure, we can set up a free consultation to determine whether we think your business could benefit from listing on Amazon.

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